Luxurious Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Specializing in Comfort

Our floor heating systems are energy efficient and safe for wet areas (IPX7 rated). 

Our solutions are custom designed for total floor coverage and matched with an energy saving ‘set & forget’ thermostat for ultra low running costs.

We offer a complete design, supply and installation service across Greater Sydney. All our installations come with lifetime customer support should you have any queries operating your floor heating system.

With the worlds continued pursuit of green energy solutions electric floor heating has become the way of the future.

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Installed Across Greater Sydney.

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Our systems have been installed across Sydney for over 20 years.

About Our Superior Systems & Products

  • Our heating cables meet the highest specification levels.
  • Suitable for any substrate.
  • Suitable for new homes as well as renovations.
  • Thermostat variety – Standard, Wifi, Smart Home.
  • Thermostats are fully programmable.
  • Suitable for new homes as well as renovations.
  • Both on-slab and in-slab heating systems.
  • Custom designed and zoned to reduce running costs.
  • Maintenance free.

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On Slab Heating.

Under tile, timber and carpet.

Our on slab heating cables are flexible and can be laid onto any substrate such as timber floor boards, concrete slabs, waterproof membranes and even existing tiles making them perfect for renovations.

The on-slab heating cable is only 3mm in height which makes it perfect for renovations where height can be an issue.

100% Floor heat coverage.

Coupled with a programmable thermostat, energy is used only when it’s needed. It’s cost effectiveness to run at just a few cents per square metre per hour.

Each floor heating installation is custom designed to maximise floor coverage, even heating wet areas like showers reducing the risk of mould forming.

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Floor coverage

Watts/m² (avg)

Minute warm-up (avg)

In Slab Heating.

Our in slab heating systems are perfect for new projects and when heating large areas – or when uninterrupted heat is required.

The heavy duty cable is flexible & designed for both domestic, residential and commercial applications.

Commercial applications include: Hot yoga studios, animal enclosures, cold room foundation protection & melting snow in outdoor areas.

To keep install costs at a low, we suggest creating as many zones as possible.

Heating Polished Concrete Floors.

Heating cables are located between 35mm and 50mm below the surface of the concrete slab making it an ideal option for polished concrete floors and large scale commercial developments. Even when concrete slabs are not going to be polished the cables become a permanent fixture of the home which means that in the future if the floor coverings are replaced the heating system is still intact and reusable.


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Elegant Smart Thermostat.

Our beautifully designed touchscreen smart thermostat puts comfort at your fingertips.

Program your heating to suit your weekday & weekend lifestyle – optimised to keep running costs low.

Our thermostats can also be configured to control both heated towel rails and mirror demisters.

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Multiple schedules

Program separate schedules to suit your weekday and weekend lifestyle. Enjoy comfort when it suits you to keep running costs low.

Appliance manager

Enjoy resort style automation – Step into the shower & heat your towel rails and mirror demisters.

Dual sensors

Switch between floor and air temperature control to create the perfect environment.

Portrait or landscape

Install in landscape or portrait position to match existing wall fixtures.


We’ll setup your thermostat. However A simple, full colour techscreen makes modifying settings a breeze.

Manual mode

Override your heating schedule when unexpected family & friends drop in.

Custom designed. Professionally installed. Lifetime support.

Each floor heating install is custom designed to deliver complete floor coverage, even heating staircases & wet areas like showers.

All our installations come with lifetime customer support should you have any queries operating your floor heating system.

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Trusted for 20 years across Sydney.

10 Year Warranty

Founded in 1998, Floor Heating Solutions provide quality floor heating systems have stood the test of time. You can trust us to deliver a superior system that will perform reliably for decades.

 All our systems are backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us for terms and conditions.

Sydney covered.

We offer a complete design, supply and installation service across Greater Sydney.

All systems are installed by qualified electricians in accordance with Australian Standards.

Call our Friendly Team on 1800 003 229 for expert advice.

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Upload your floor plans or architectural diagrams, and let us know which rooms you want heated. We’ll send you a full design & quote.

Our experienced team will provide you options, and let you choose between an in slab or onslab solution that aligns with your design requirements & budget.

Systems are always designed to keep installation and running costs low.

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